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The business environment today is more dynamic than ever, with mergers and acquisitions, consolidation, and regulatory changes. To succeed, an enterprise like yours needs to develop an ability to sense these changes, and thus respond to them quickly and smartly. Oribyne ' Business Intelligence and Performance Management solution helps your enterprise in fulfilling the aspirations of being Agile, Adaptable and Efficient.

What Oribyne Provides
Oribyne SOLAR© Framework is a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework of Integration and Information Management Services. The framework helps coalesce Business Intelligence, Business Process Management, Enterprise Data Management, Integration and Knowledge Management / Enterprise Content Management initiatives, thus driving down the cost of IT and providing the agility to address changing business and regulatory requirements.
A wide spectrum of offerings embedded with Oribyne SOLAR Framework include:
Strategic Offerings: BluePrint, Scorecard, HealthCheck, Planning and Budgeting, Due Diligence, Financial Consolidation, Maturity Assessment Business Process Analysis, Business Case Modeling and Capacity Planning
Tactical Offerings: Data Governance, Master Data Management, Data Architecting, Data Mart Consolidation, Data Quality Management, Dashboard Management, Metadata Management, Performance Engineering, Data / Text Mining Document Management, Services Management and Knowledge Management
Operational Offerings: Competency Center, Multi-site Rollout, Factory Services, Lifecycle Services, Testing Management, Sustenance Services, Testing Factory, Training Services, Migration / Upgrade, and Change Management
Our Value Measurement framework is based on quantifying benefits under Agility (responsiveness of enterprise), Adaptability (change impact management) and Efficiency (optimization of Quality-Cost-Time) dimensions and measurements across Business, Technology and Infrastructure perspectives.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence (BI) facilitates business to perform management by “facts”. It helps in data based decision making that would drive and improve the business and discover hidden trends. Oribyne helps you to take the quest for business excellence with BI guided roadmap.

What Oribyne Provides
Our BIDS™ (Business Intelligence for Decision Support) Solutions are the global Business Intelligence (BI) solutions from Oribyne. Based on 'Think Big, Build Step-by-Step' philosophy, it enables enterprises to extract knowledge and wisdom from unprocessed information to establish a rich, reliable and effective business framework, thereby empowering them to take timely intelligent decisions. BIDS™ Solutions span across three dimensions namely,
Process Solutions
BIDS™ Methodology forms the foundation layer of the Process Solutions. These solutions are plug-and-play frameworks to cater to the customer specific requirements such as BI Strategy, BI HealthCheck, BI Maturity Assessment, Business Case Modeling, Performance Scorecard, Planning and Budgeting, Financial Consolidation, BI Competency Center, Multi-Site Rollout, BI Sustenance, BI Training and BI Testing Factory
Industry Solutions
These are Industry specific comprehensive BI solutions consisting of:

  • Business Process Maps linked to industry standard business frameworks (e.g. SCOR, DCOR, CCOR for Manufacturing, eTOM for Telecom, ACORD for Insurance and ARTS for Retail) and KPIs
  • Platform independent LDM (Logical Data Model) including reference business objects,
  • Analytical Templates for reports, dashboards, scorecards and high-end analytics

This tiered approach to implementing industry specific Business Intelligence solutions spans across operational process, tactical decision making and strategic initiatives. These solutions are available for the key industry verticals such as:

  • Manufacturing (mBIDS)
  • Telecommunication (tBIDS)
  • Banking (bBIDS)
  • Financial Services (fBIDS)
  • Insurance (iBIDS)
  • Retail (rBIDS)
  • Healthcare (hBIDS)
  • Utilities (uBIDS)
  • Technology Solutions

These solutions cover the BI vendor / product specific solutions such as Migration and Upgrade as well as the entire BI technology solution landscape. This landscape encompasses solutions around

  • Data Integration
  • Data Storage (Data Warehouse, Data Mart, Master Data Storage and Staging)
  • Data Delivery (Enterprise Reporting, OLAP, Ad-hoc, Dashboards, Geographic Information Systems, Data Mining, event driven BI and Packaged Analytics / Applications)

Business Process Management
At strategic level there is a need to deliver a technology platform for the business community to “Manage by Business Processes and not just by Business Transactions”. To this effect, an innovative blend of Business Process Management (BPM) and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) needs to be employed to deliver a network of distributed business services (as Engineered Capabilities) that can be linked together dynamically to deploy an end-to-end visible business – thereby attracting early benefits out of emerging market opportunities.

What Oribyne Provides
Oribyne Business Process Management Approach * Covers strategy through execution

  • Adapts to enterprise needs
  • Supports ‘Think big, build step by step’
  • Thrives on governance and people
  • Drives continuous process improvement

This approach is based on our proven methodology and maturity assessment and evaluation model offerings

Enterprise Data Management
Oribyne is focused on creation of accurate, consistent and transparent data content for its customers. It emphasizes usability of data for its intended purpose and audience. Oribyne helps you to meet the enterprise data management goals to provide data assurance in terms of security, quality and accessibility.

What Oribyne Provides
Oribyne solutions provide methodologies, best practices and proven solutions covering all aspects of enterprise data management. We bring expertise and experience in implementing data management solutions for customer.

Integration Services
Oribyne Integration Solutions are designed to enable the organizations to attain integration maturity for integrations between enterprise applications, partners (customers, Suppliers, Logistics, marketplaces etc) and people (employees, business users etc).Our Integration solutions include Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Business to Business (B2B), Business Process Integration (BPI) & workflows, Composite Applications and Service Oriented Integration.In addition, Oribyne provides Data Integration solutions which span across the spectrum of ETL, Platform integrations, CDC / Real-time / Near-real time data integration, Unstructured Data Handling, Enterprise Information Integration.

What Oribyne Provides
Oribyne offers a spectrum of Integration services to address varied needs of the organizations.

  • For the organizations where the integrations are custom built and ad-hoc, Oribyne offers ‘Need Assessment’, ‘Integration Health-Check’ and ‘Product Evaluation’ offerings
  • For the organizations where multiple Integration products exists and wish to consolidate on one product or choose a new product to take care of all type of integration needs, Oribyne offers services such as ‘ Pilot Execution’ and ‘Migration roadmap’
  • Oribyne has Integration Competency Center (ICC) service for organizations for providing various Integration related services for their business units
  • Oribyne provides end-to-end B2B services including map analysis, mapping specifications creation, map conversion, map creation, trading partners on-boarding, package implementation and 24x7 support

Knowledge Management / Enterprise Content Management
Knowledge Management (KM) / Enterprise Content Management (ECM) services enable a collaborative and integrated approach to the creation, capture, organization, access and use of knowledge assets of an enterprise.

What Oribyne Provides
Oribyne Knowledge Management / Enterprise Content Management provides the following:

  • A strategy definition module which addresses the assessment of the organizational readiness to move ahead with the Knowledge Management program
  • Implementation of the Knowledge Management applications and the processes
  • A framework for facilitating governance of the whole Knowledge Management program and enabling successful transformation

The three modules - Strategy, Implementation and Governance - are abetted by our standard methodology SIGMARG™ for all of its Knowledge and Enterprise Content Management solutions. This methodology focuses on defining strategic intent, process implementation, change management and is backed by robust governance framework for overall program management.

Oribyne also has a Knowledge Management Maturity Model (5iKM3™) which is used for assessing organizational Knowledge Management maturity during its entire life cycle.


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