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To deal with competitive pressures, organizations today increasingly seek services to be provisioned on pay-as-you-go models which enable scalability, elasticity and cost predictability for meeting fast changing business needs. Utility-based outsourcing models present a credible choice with the added advantage of greater operational ownership with access to new technology and process acumen.With Oribyne Platform BPO Solutions you can gain a competitive edge in the market. We take complete ownership of your organization's non-core but critical activities, with an end-to-end utility solution bundling applications, infrastructure and BPO services into a single service framework. We manage and execute your processes on our fully-owned and managed platforms, while reducing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improving operational efficiencies. This enables you to free your resources and focus on core activities that create differentiation.

What Oribyne Provides
In Platform based BPO model, Oribyne undertakes the management and execution of the client's non-core business processes on its own technology platform.
Some of the key features of this business model are:

  • Oribyne technology platform, shared or dedicated, delivers standardized business process services to multiple clients like you
  • Oribyne would own the process, the underlying platform and applications, people and infrastructure to deliver the services to you
  • The service delivery moves from being people-centric, as in the traditional lift-and-shift model, to being platform-centric
  • Oribyne "process-as-a-service" approach offers you usage-based flexible pricing models involving minimal upfront investment on your part

Our offerings cover the following processes:

Our highly refined and mature integrated process and delivery ecosystem ensures seamless delivery of your business operations. The Platforms are hosted on our Scalable, Highly Available, Reliable and Secure Infrastructure, with our data centers globally located to ensure conformance to data privacy regulations. Our dedicated Information Security Organization and ISO 27001 guidelines also ensure compliance to stringent security regulations across all platforms. Our right-shored (on-shore, near-shore, off-shore) delivery teams access the platforms through a secure MPLS cloud to serve global customers.

Our end-to-end (e2e) process framework ensures seamless deployment of platform BPO solutions for you. The framework comprises of three distinct stages - Build, Transformation and Service Delivery. As part of Build, we invest in developing the core customer-agnostic platform solution by building enabling tools, processes & workflows on top of enterprise application suite to fulfill your business needs. In Transformation, we facilitate your smooth transition to our platforms by adopting a participative approach for process harmonization and organization change management. As part of Service Delivery, we transition, execute and manage your transactional business processes on our utility-based model.

Our automation tools provide the necessary support and links to connect the core platform technologies, processes and people, and thereby ensure optimized operations & delivery excellence.

We work closely with a number of partners including major software vendors, datacenter providers, sourcing management firms, hardware and network equipment providers and other ISVs.

Business Value
With Oribyne Platform BPO Solutions model you gain with:

  • Significant reduction in total cost of ownership, with minimal upfront investment on your part and usage
  • based pricing eg number of employees (HRO), managed spend (procurement)
  • Improved business performance with business metrics driven SLAs and delivery
  • Improved business agility with on-demand, scalable and elastic solutions enabling you to respond to changing business requirements
  • End-to-end ownership of your business processes by Oribyne – process, software licenses, infrastructure, people – ensures that risks and investments pass on to Oribyne
  • Greater focus on your core business by freeing up valuable resources, and utilizing Oribyne services to manage the non-core areas
  • Access to best-practices based global, standardized processes and technology built on enterprise solutions (eg. SAP, Oracle etc.) and extensive domain and technology expertise
  • Global, optimized delivery reach and scalability for end-to-end seamless operations
HRO Platform BPO Solutions
Oribyne offers Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) as part of its Platform BPO Solutions to help you to free up resources, concentrate on critical business functions and enjoy cost and quality benefits. Our complete services help transform HR activities across all processes, whilst offering sustainable value that creates strategic business advantage.

Finance and Accounting (F&A)Platform BPO Solutions
Oribyne ' Finance and Accounting (F&A) Platform BPO Solutions help you reduce operational costs and focus on core market differentiating activities by delivering F&A processes efficiently. Based on standard and lean business processes delivered on our superior technology platform, our offerings enable you to free up resources for critical activities and benefit from standardized, optimized processes across the enterprise.

Procurement Platform BPO Solutions
Oribyne ' Procurement Platform BPO Solutions will manage your processes with globally consistent policies and procedures. It is a comprehensive ‘Source-to-Pay’ offering that ensures streamlined and standardized business processes on a superior technology platform.

Analytics Platform BPO Solutions
Oribyne ' Analytics Platform BPO Solutions provide an incisive, broad-based and in-depth view of strategic information assets, cost- efficiently. Leveraging our proven processes, domain expertise and leading technology, we reduce your investments in people, knowledge acquisition, infrastructure, and empower your executives, managers and decision makers with insights to make informed and timely business decisions.


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