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For more than two decades, Oribyne has been delivering engineering solutions across diverse industries enabling customers to foster product innovation, improve operational efficiencies, and decrease time-to-market for their products.

What Oribyne Provides

  • New Product Development (NPD) Solutions: Product Design, Product Engineering and Product Manufacturing with focus on Mechanical Design, Embedded Systems and Engineering Automation.
  • Plant Solutions and Services: Process Plant Engineering, Digital Manufacturing Solutions, Manufacturing Execution & Intelligence (MEI), Control Automation Engineering, Sourcing Solutions and Integrated Asset Management solutions.
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions: PLM business consulting, PLM product implementation and PLM support.
  • Geospatial Technology Solutions: In-depth geo-spatial information system capabilities for implementing and integrating geo-spatial technology with other business systems.

Oribyne leverages on its intellectual property that is built over years, various products and tools and different types of alliances (industry, academic and technology) to address customer's needs.

New Product Development Solutions
Oribyne New Product Development (NPD) offering includes various solutions, services and products spanning across the complete product development lifecycle, from ideation through design to manufacturing and production across various industries.

Product Lifecycle Management Solutions
Oribyne Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions help customers across the world to focus on bringing newer, better and more efficient products and services. Oribyne implements PLM solutions using a Multi Generation Business Plan (MGBP) that enables customers to target low-risk, high-impact solutions, increase the maturity of the PLM implementation and realize early returns on investment (ROI).

Plant Solutions and Services
Increasing automation of manufacturing processes facilitates de-bottlenecking and optimal asset management across the complete plant lifecycle. This enables enterprises to reduce plant set-up times and improve operational efficiencies. Oribyne Plant Solutions and Services help you to achieve these objectives and enable you to be agile and responsive to a dynamic market demand. We provide Collaborative Manufacturing, Operational Excellence, Enterprise Asset Management and Optimization, and Interoperability and Integration with Enterprise Systems through our Consulting, Design, Development and Support solutions.

Geospatial Technology Solutions
Geospatial technology is increasingly applied in organizations today for its information-rich and highly visual interface that enable real-time business decisions.Oribyne Geospatial Technology Solutions bring together Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Information Technology to provide powerful and integrated business solutions that can change the way your business operates.


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