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From managing supply chains, devising CRM strategies, and deploying content management solutions to integrating enterprise-wide functions, Oribyne helps you with comprehensive, efficient and robust solutions that meet your unique requirements.

What Oribyne Provides
Oribyne delivers comprehensive, efficient, and robust solutions tailored to your enterprise’s needs. Learn more about the following areas:

Supply Chain Management
Thrive in today’s market by identifying new opportunities and innovations that sustain and maximize your enterprise’s growth. When you strategically partner with Oribyne, we’ll provide innovative, rigorous solutions to identify, manage and operate your non-core operations – all in an environment of collaboration, trust, and reliability.

Master Data Management
Quality data, consistent across the enterprise, can drive significant business benefits. Efficient processes and effective governance are critical to achieve this goal.Oribyne offers Master Data Management strategies and solutions to give you the insight and tools to reap benefits through a single and consistent 360-degree view of data across your enterprise.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Oribyne helps organizations devise and implement CRM strategies and solutions that become the backbone of their customer acquisition and retention strategies, and helping them foster loyal, profitable customer relationships.

As an evolutionary automatic identification technology, RFID was considered a niche technology a few years ago. As costs associated with RFID hardware have decreased, and standards defined for managing data, RFID has gone mainstream, and can potentially power business systems to become the competitive backbone of organizations.

Call Management
CIOs are considering effective call management solutions to not only make enterprises cost-effective but also have tighter SLAs for enhanced process efficiencies. Oribyne evaluates organizations’ needs and implements the right call management solution to meet their demands.


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