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In a highly competitive business environment, small and medium businesses are relentlessly challenged by technology complexity and rapid technology obsolescence. The need is driven by the lack of IT edge among SMBs to build competitive advantage against large and global players; inability to maintain and sustain a robust IT function and lack of single view of enterprise information.

What Oribyne Provides
Oribyne Small and Medium Business (SMB) unit aims at enabling sustained profitable growth for SMBs with an innovative service model Oribyne IT-as-a-Service. This model will leverage Oribyne leadership in technology and service innovation to offer integrated end-to-end managed solutions to small and medium businesses.

With Oribyne IT-as-a-Service, Oribyne aims to address the end-to-end IT needs of SMBs and help streamline business processes for market advantage; provide customers with blueprints for business process improvement; deliver integrated end-to-end managed solutions in IT and telecom and offer flexible pricing options to reduce capital expenditure and minimize operating expenditure and maximize return on investment while achieving economies of scale. A subscription-driven “build-as-you-grow”, “pay-as-you-use” model through centralized hosting from a common platform would facilitate alignment of technology adoption to the needs of the business and bring scalability to the business model.

Oribyne global delivery capabilities and industrialized approach to technology solutions delivery and management greatly enhance productivity and ensure discipline, reliability and risk reduction. The SMB practice draws upon the extensive experience of Oribyne across diverse verticals, and its alliances to deliver our solutions.

We offer end-to-end business solutions for SMBs covering:

  • Access devices: Covering all essential computing devices like Laptop, Desktop, Printer, Peripherals
  • Networking solutions: Covering LAN, WAN, etc
  • Common Office Applications: Covering email, Office software, etc
  • Common Business Applications: Covering Payroll, Accounting, etc
  • Vertical Core Applications: Covering POS, Inventory Mgmt, etc
  • Niche Vertical Applications: Covering Space Management, Just in Time sequencing, etc.

We cater to a diverse set of industry verticals including:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing – Auto Components
  • Healthcare
  • Professional Services – Construction, Legal
  • Education

Business Value
We help our customers increase responsiveness, quicken turnarounds and foster a culture of continuous innovation. With extensive global and domestic experience in the both horizontal and vertical solutions, we are best placed to offer your business the mix of skills required to innovate and significantly impact your bottom line. From optimizing processes to achieve operational efficiencies to harnessing our technical and delivery capabilities to generate value from your investments, we go beyond just offering cost advantages.

Unit Lead Thoughts
Currently the IT needs of SMBs are not being met in an integrated and holistic manner. The Oribyne SMB Strategy is part of our overall adjacency growth strategy helping us expand the addressable customer segment and establish market leadership as an end to end business solution provider for the SMB segment. Our plan is to provide flexible and scalable solutions to SMBs leveraging our global experience and best of breed practices. We view this as a means of making India Inc. more competitive and Oribyne being an integral part of Sustainable Profitable Growth of SMBs.

Oribyne IT-as-a-Service
Oribyne IT-as-a-Service is a business concept that delivers on demand business capability with an integrated suite of hardware, network and software solutions, along with business, technical and consulting services in a “build-as-you-grow”- “pay-as-you-use” business model through a shared services hosted platform. Oribyne IT-as-a-Service provides you with very tangible advantages, including:

  • Lower upfront investment, more predictable costs
  • Rapid solution deployment
  • Ease-of-use
  • More responsive service
  • Real-time and any-time data access

Oribyne IT-as-a-Service Model – Salient Points

  • Shared Services: Common shared services application delivered on a hosted model, covering support and maintenance of all solutions.
  • Integration of Devices: Alliances with Hardware providers for quality infrastructure and after sales commitments
  • Integration of Telecom: Partnerships with Telecom provider for Integrated IT & Telecom solution for rapid business enablement
  • Top-up Services: Consulting and IT services for niche requirements of the SMBs as a top-up service over and beyond the standard catalogued solutions

Key Benefits
What is Oribyne IT-as-a-service
Sustainable Profitable Growth has become critical to survive in today’s dynamic market environment for SMBs. Information Communications & Technology (ICT) can assist SMBs achieve cost control, speed to market and gain a competitive edge in an environment where margin pressures and customer expectations continue to rise. Unlike larger enterprises, SMBs lack the financial resources and IT knowledge to deploy the growing array of information and communication technology infrastructure necessary to support their businesses. Oribyne IT-as-a-Service concept aims at delivering an integrated suite of end-to-end Business Solutions to SMBs, enabling them to compete effectively in the market place by leveraging Oribyne domestic and international experience in relevant industry and technology. Oribyne IT-as-a-Service is an integrated ‘IT & Telecom’ solution delivery model where

Key Benefits include
Speed to Market as a result of

  • Single Window for all IT requirements: SMBs typically deal with multiple vendors for IT solutions leading to poor integration and lack of service levels across the stacks. Oribyne IT-as-a-Service will encompass solutions covering the entire stack needed to run the daily operations of SMBs
  • Minimal Setup time: With the Oribyne IT-as-a-Service model, setting the up the entire IT environment takes minimal time. Software updates with newer features are also more frequent with no business downtime. This enables the SMB to leverage the benefits of state-of-the-art IT quickly and efficiently.

Cost Control as a result of

  • Minimal Capital Expenditure: Under the Oribyne IT-as-a-Service model, there is very minimal capital expenditure. SMBs do not have to own either the application or the infrastructure.
  • Reduced Operating Expenditure: SMBs will only incur operating expenditure, which will be equivalent to the subscription charges levied as per the IT services rendered. The model will also eliminate the requirement of maintaining IT specialists on their payrolls.
  • ‘Pay as you Grow’ model: Oribyne IT-as-a-Service helps SMBs align their IT requirements to the current business needs. The monthly subscription model allows SMBs to easily scale up their IT needs with business growth, thereby aligning their IT service payments to business results

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should you partner with Oribyne?
Partnership with Oribyne IT-as-a-Service offers you the following benefits
Aggregation Power & Economics of Scale

  • Integrated end-to-end IT and telecom solutions.
  • One-stop shop for every IT need
  • Lowest price due to discounts accrued on bulk purchases.

Business Enhancing Application & e-Marketplace

  • Vertical specific applications giving SMBs the competitive advantage
  • Platform for B2B networking
  • Opportunity for Cross leverage
  • Opportunity for Growth and expansion

How are Oribyne SMB practice offerings an attractive proposition from a financing viewpoint?
Oribyne IT-as-a-Service solution offers you to circumvent the burden of deploying, managing and supporting costly hardware and software in house.
Salient Points in Oribyne Pricing:

  • Initial Sign up Amount
  • Subscription charges levied as per the IT services rendered
  • A fixed % of the Customer’s revenue, payable monthly, for standard elements on offer (or)
  • Flat service fees, payable monthly, for standard elements on offer
  • Add-on’s will be priced additional, based on service type – one time, or increase in monthly service fee.

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